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The Common Sense Foundation’s Center for Disease Control (CDC) recently conducted a CO VID gag reflex test on the American public. According to their web site, the goal of this test was to gauge the public’s awareness of personal health facts. They asked people from all ages to complete an online survey regarding their knowledge of a common illness called “seborrheic dermatitis”. For example, they had a set of questions that asked about whether or not they knew, “Facial pimples are a sign of acne”. Then, they had a second set of questions that asked about the possibility of facial pimples being a sign of leprosy.


The results of this test were interesting. Of the total number of people who completed the survey, eighty-two percent thought that facial seborrheic dermatitis was an indication of acne. Seventy-one percent thought that facial pimples were a sign of leprosy. The CDC then broke down these results by race and ethnicity. There was no significant difference in the response rates for each of the four racial/ethnic groups as was displayed in previous studies regarding the vaccine reactions. So, in short, the results appear to show that although many individuals may have heard of the results of the test, most people don’t think facial pimples is a sign of acne.


As I mentioned earlier, the CDC chose to conduct this test because of the concerns regarding the possible adverse reaction from vaccines. Coinciding with this, a recent study demonstrated that individuals who have received the MMR vaccine which contains the element Gardine had lower incidences of facial seborrheic dermatitis than individuals who did not receive this vaccine. So, since the two studies showed conflicting results, it was decided to conduct the CO Vid test to see if there would be an adverse reaction from the vaccine. It was also hoped that by finding individuals who do not know that they have this condition, they would allow the healthcare provider to treat the condition more effectively.


When the test was conducted, a total of 4,812 individuals participated. Of these, 615 individuals were considered to be at high risk for having an allergic reaction to the vaccine. Thus, the CO Vid test was designed to take this into consideration. This group of people may not necessarily know that they are allergic to the vaccine. Also, some individuals may not even be aware that they have this condition.


Approximately half of the participants had mild or moderate symptoms of this condition. Of course, there was a control group that did not participate in the study. Those individuals who participated in the test were asked to complete an item on their healthcare history, including the types of medicines taken, any prior drug allergies, and whether they smoke or use tobacco. Also, individuals were asked if they had a history of facial pimples or were aware of any open sores on their skin. Most individuals were aware of the possibility of having acne, so their answers did not greatly affect the results. Find more about antigen rapid test kit


Of those with severe reactions, it was found that there may be more than one cause for the condition. In addition to receiving the CO Vid shot, these individuals should also receive a skin test to see if they have an extra sensitive skin, as well as being tested for any infections such as acne or moles. It is important to note that all individuals who have tested positive should be made aware of the possibility of having more than one allergy. For example, those who have a family history of allergic conditions or those who have been exposed to certain substances could have a greater chance of developing symptoms after receiving the CO Vid shot. These individuals should discuss their results with their doctor, as well as find out from their doctor what allergies they are responding to.

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