Bidet Toilets – Upgrade Your Toilet With a Toto Washlet S300

Are you desperate to improve the effectiveness of your toilet but do not have the room to install a bidet? Ever considered a bidet toilet seat as a low cost way of upgrading your existing toilet without the need for a huge amount of plumbing? The Toto Washlet s300 bidet toilet seat could be just the thing you need. Retailing for under $700, and with only a small amount of plumbing and electrical work required for installation, the Washlet S300 is a powerful replacement toilet seat that can be used to adapt your round or elongated bowl toilet to a state of the art bidet, but with a lot of extra features that a normal bidet would never have.

How about retractable front and rear wands that self clean after use, thermostatically controlled warm water washing with a built in massage facility, warm air drying, and an automatic deodorizer that will get rid of nasty smells without you having to worry about it.

Then there is the heated toilet seat with a soft close lid that automatically lifts when you walk into the room, and closes as you leave. These are things that would have only been seen in sci-fi movies a few years ago, but now they are a reality in many homes around the world.

I have recently installed a Toto 토토 Washlet S300 toilet seat into my home and am blown away at how well it actually works. Toto are the largest toilet maker in the world, so it makes sense that they would offer a product that has amazing design and the best functionality on the market, but nothing really prepares you for what this toilet seat has to offer.

Many people feel that buying a product like this is sheer indulgence, but there are some positive health benefits of using a bidet, and particularly one with the warm water massage. People who suffer from hemorrhoids are said to benefit greatly from the gently massaging action. Additionally, deep cleansing is a great thing for personal hygiene and should not be overlooked.

Where to Buy

Having spent a lot of time searching for the best places to buy one of these cool units, I found that the online retailers were genuinely offering the best deals, and in some cases, $300-400 cheaper than the high street stores. This sort of saving, and the free shipping makes the internet the definitive place to shop for toilets and accessories,

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